6 Questions To Ask Your Flooring Contractor

When installing new flooring in your home, it is critical that you choose a flooring contractor that is reputable and trusted. Your flooring is a critical part of your home and you should trust that it will be installed correctly and last for years to come.

Before you hire a flooring contractor to install flooring in your home, ask your contractors these 8 questions:

Are You Certified & Insured?

Ensure that your flooring contractor is certified to install your flooring and is insured in case of accidents. The unexpected can happen so it is essential that your flooring contractor is insured, even in cases not related to the floor such as an electric wire accidentally being cut.

While such events are rare, you will be happy that your installer is certified and insured.

Do You Have References?

Always get references from your flooring contractor, both good and bad. These will help you better understand who it is you are working with and what others have experienced. Other sources like Facebook and Google Reviews are resources where you can see what others are saying.

What Do You Charge For Installation Estimates?

Before you dive into installing your flooring, you need to get estimates on not only how much the installation will cost, but if your flooring contractor charges a fee for estimates.

At HomeTown Floors, our prices are based on estimated measurements and our estimates are always free, which means you can focus on your home project and budget accordingly.

Is My Desired Flooring The Best Fit For My Home?

Different flooring has different uses in your home so be sure to ask about moisture levels in your home and how they will affect your flooring. If you have hardwood in your bathrooms, the chances of them becoming damaged are higher than say, laminate.

Your flooring contractor should discuss the benefits of each flooring option with you so you can make an informed decision.

What Warranty Does My Flooring Have & What Warranties Do You Offer?

HomeTown Floors offers in-store as well as manufacturer warranties on installations and products.

For example, HomeTown Floors offers a lifetime installation warranty from the date of installation. These warranties help ensure that your product and installation services are covered in case of defect. If you suspect a defect contact HomeTown Floors immediately.

What Is Your Estimated Installation Timeline?

Always get a timeline estimate from your flooring contractor. How long will the installation take? This will give you assurances that the project will be done in a reasonable amount of time and you will be able to make necessary plans on your end.

Be sure to remember to ask question such as what days the crew doesn’t work, when supplies will be delivered, and so on.