Removing Scratches From Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous addition to your home, adding elegance and value.

Over time, your floors can become damaged from pets, children, and accidental drops, and scuffs. When scratches occur, there are ways they can be repaired.

Here is what you should know about removing scratches from hardwood floors in your home:

Know What Finishing You Have On Your Floors

Before you begin the task of removing scratches from your hardwood floors, you should know what your hardwood floors have been finished with, such as polyurethane (oil- or water-based), varnish, stain, or wax.

This will get you started in finding the correct method for repairing your floors to prevent damage. For example, if your floors have been finished with a polyurethane finish, do not use wax on them; this will make your floors look dirty and dull over time. Instead, it must be repaired with a polyurethane finish of the same type.

How Bad Is The Scratch?

Depending on the nature of the scratch in your hardwood floor, you may have to have to refinish part of the floors.

If the scratch in your floor is small and shallow, you may be able to simply buff it out or fill it with a repair kit or blending pencil. If deeper, call a flooring specialist such as HomeTown Floors. They will be able to assess the situation and

Wear Protective Gear

Be sure you have the correct protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves when working with chemicals and other materials to protect your eyes and skin. These can irritate your skin and eyes if you come into contact and it is always the best policy to protect yourself when engaging in any kind of home repair project.

Use The Right Supplies

When removing scratches from your hardwood floors, be sure to use the right materials for the job to prevent further damage. For example, when cleaning the scratch use a soft microfiber cloth and a high quality wood cleaner appropriate for your finish.

Make sure the scratch is clean and dry inside and out before continuing with repair. If the scratch is minor like a scuff use a blending pencil or a finish restorer after lightly buffing it out.

For medium scratches, apply a new coat of finish, and for severe or multiple scratches, it is often better to get the whole floor sanded and refinished by a professional.

Call The Professionals At HomeTown Floors

For scratches in your hardwood floors, it always best to call the experts here at HomeTown Floors. We will be able to consult with you as to what type of flooring you have and come to your home for a free estimate.

By getting scratches professionally removed, you are giving yourself peace of mind that your floors will be well cared for.

Our flooring repair services are available to help you make your hardwood floors look like new again.