Why You Need Carpet Padding Under Your Carpets

Whether installing a brand new carpet or simply replacing your older carpet pad, you may have wondered what the point of carpet padding is. Do you really need it? Surely the carpet will be fine on its own, right?


Carpet padding is an essential part of your carpets, providing a number of benefits for you and your home:

Carpet Padding Makes Floors More Comfortable To Walk On

Have you ever had the displeasure of walking on thin carpet that has been hastily installed over a concrete floor? It’s hard and has no impact absorption, making it uncomfortable to walk on.

Carpet padding solves this problem by offering needed cushioning to your flooring, adding that “spring” we all know and love.

With carpet padding, you can comfortably walk on, play on, and enjoy your beautiful new carpets!

Carpet Padding Makes Cleaning Your Carpets Easier

Carpet padding also makes cleaning your carpet easier as it “lifts” up the carpet, allowing your vacuum to more easily remove dirt. Without carpet padding the suction of your vacuum will be lessened, making cleaning less effective. So all that dust and dirt that has accumulated will not be removed as you need.

For a clean, healthy home be sure to choose quality carpet padding that allows for good air flow so the carpet can “breathe” and carry more dirt up through the carpet and into the vacuum.

Carpet Padding Provides Insulation

Without a carpet pad, drafts and other cold air can seep through the carpeting, making the room feel colder. A carpet pad helps block these drafts and adds an extra layer of needed insulation.

Now when you get out of bed on a cold night, you aren’t met with cold feet!

Carpet Padding Dampens Excess Sound

Can you hear everything that goes on upstairs despite having carpet in your home? Isn’t carpet supposed to help with this problem?

Chances are your current carpets have the wrong carpet padding for your needs or no carpet padding at all. With the right padding, your carpets will be better able to absorb excess sound, making your home quieter. Perfect for when you’re on an important phone call or simply need a quiet evening in!

Carpet Padding Extends The Life Of Your Carpet

With the right carpet padding, you will be extending the life of your carpets so you can enjoy them longer. Padding helps protect the backing and binding from wear and tear that it would experience if it were installed on the .