Moving? Protect Your Floors To Prevent Damage!

Moving into a new home is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and a fresh start.

When moving, take the time to protect your floors both old and new from damage from furniture, debris, and dirty shoes. In addition to keeping your floors looking nice, protecting your new floors from damage during the move will save you money in repairs.

Measure Your Floors

Before you begin moving your furniture into your new home, measure not only the floors but your furniture as well. In doing so you can plan ahead to prevent mistakes and scuffed floors. You’ll know for sure that your big couch can fit through the small door to the living room.

Don’t Drag Furniture

One of the first rules of thumb when moving furniture is not to drag your furniture across your floors. This can lead to damage such as scratches, torn carpet, and dings.

If you must drag, use products like furniture sliders to protect your floors and do not drag the furniture very long or very far. Gliders are inexpensive and some even come with lifter tools for easier placement. Remember to check them before each use to make sure they are clean and smooth.

Cover Your Floors

Regardless of what flooring you have, cover it with protective materials like cardboard, Ram Board, and rugs. That way, they will be protected from scratches, scuffs, and dings and you can move into your new home with floors that look good and keep the floors of your old home in good condition, which can help sell it faster!

Clean Up Messes Immediately

If the weather has been bad, take care not to track debris and mud into the home. Put down heavy duty, nonslip doormats at your doors and when messes occur, such as tracked in water or mud, clean it up immediately. This will prevent staining, warping, and other damage to the floors.

Need A Change? HomeTown Floors Can Help!

You love your new home but the floors could use an upgrade. HomeTown Floors offers a wide variety of brands, colors, and styles of flooring from vinyl, hardwood, ceramic, and carpet. Our professional installers are highly trained and insured to install your flooring of choice in a timely, clean manner.