Terms & Conditions

Prices are based upon estimated measurements; HomeTown Floors is hereby authorized to adjust such prices once accurate measurements are known. Prices on special order materials are conditioned and subject to change if the manufacturer has increased its price. Delivery dates on special orders are estimates, the actually delivery dates are beyond HomeTown Floors’ control.

If customers shall fail to pay any sum due under this order, in addition to all rights and remedies available at law or in equity, HomeTown Floors shall have the right to terminate this order and retain all payments which have been made as liquidated and stipulated damages for customers’ failure to perform(ii) the right to compel customers’ performance; and (iii) the right to resell the materials or return them to the manufacturer and recover from customer all loss and damages suffered including loss of profit on the sale. In addition, customer shall pay HomeTown Floors for all costs and “expense” including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by reason of customers’ default.

HomeTown Floors Hereby assigns any manufacturer’s warranties on the purchased materials to customer. Manufacturers only guarantee replacement of defective materials, and, if still in production, any defective materials will be replaced by the manufacturer with the same product; if no longer in production, the manufacturer will replace defective materials with materials of similar quality. There will be no monetary refunds, and, other than the assigned warranties, HOMETOWN FLOORS MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILTY OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Sample Color – Due to variations in dye lots, carpet and any other materials may not be an exact color match of the sample.

Shedding – All pile and fabrics shed a fluff or lint, especially when new. This is only an accumulation of short fibers that become embedded in the pile during manufacture. THIS MAY look like a lot but its weight will be small and it will have no effect on the wearing quality.

Protruding Tufts – Occasionally, a loop or a tuft may protrude above the level of the pile surrounding it. Never try to pull this tuft out or you may injure the Fabric. Instead, take a sharp pair of scissors and trim it even with the pile.

Crushing – When the fabric is woven or tufted, the pile stands erect or with only a slight lay. As soon as the rug is placed in service the traffic gradually compresses or lays the pile. Naturally this lay is greatest where traffic is greatest in appearance of shading of the pile which results is often mistaken for fading or discoloration. Crushing of this nature is normal and inevitable. If the carpet or rug is placed so that the lay of the pile is away from strongest source of light, the shading effect will be less apparent.

  • Return check fee: $50.00
  • No Cash Refund
  • All Sales Final
  • No refunds on materials cut or special ordered
  • Irregulars, second quality, promotional goods sold as is.

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