Labor guaranteed for a lifetime from date of installation. If you suspect a labor defect during this period, please contact HomeTown Floors.

Material is subject to existing manufacturers warranties in effect at time of purchase. Suspected visible defect must be reported immediately.

Information Regarding Installation

HomeTown Floors will charge a $125.00 trip charge if the installer arrives and the job is not ready per customer error. A scheduled installation must be cancelled no later than 48 hours before the installation.

Power, lighting and heating and cooling must be turned on before installation. Painting must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the installation date.

Please do not remove any existing tack strip.

Flooring installers do not cut doors, move aquariums, waterbeds, pianos, or pool tables. They do not disconnect or reconnect gas appliances, or ice makers, electrical equipment (e.g. stereos, computers, home entertainment equipment).

Minimum labor charge – $150.00

Seam placement in your carpet and vinyl are at the discretion of HomeTown Floors or your installer unless otherwise discussed with the customer. Carpet seams are sometimes visible due to knap direction and style of the carpet.
Quarter round must be removed before carpet, laminate, vinyl and tile is installed. Baseboards must be removed before laminate, vinyl, tile and glued-down carpet is installed. Due to the nature of the flooring installation there may be touch-ups needed to baseboards and walls after installation.

Extra charge for the following:

  • Moving furniture and appliances
  • Taking up and hauling away old flooring
  • Stairs, spindles and upholstery of stairs
  • Special order adhesives
  • Removal or quarter round and baseboards
  • Special order metal and wood moldings
  • Removal and reinstallation of toilets
  • Unforeseen conditions
  • Floor preparation

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