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What you’ll gain by choosing hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can bring so much to your spaces you’re sure to be incredibly pleased with the results. You’ll get one of the most elegant and timeless floor coverings available, enjoying the way the flooring simply blends in as trends continue to change. Still, you’ll have ample room for personalization of your own chosen materials. The lifespan gives you plenty of time to enjoy those benefits, with some floors reaching ages of between 100 and 200 years. Visiting any historical building can give you a lookat how great this material looks even after that amount of time.

At Hometown Floors Online, we offer flooring services to the areas of St. Charles County and St. Louis County from our St. Peters, MO showroom. There, you’ll find friendly, attentive associates that are eager to make sure you leave with the perfect floor covering, products, and planned services for the best flooring experience possible. With more than 60 combined years of experience, we strive to meet every need our customers might having, hopefully creating repeat customers and great word of mouth referrals. Stop in today to speak with one of our professional associates about your own needs.

Hardwood options you’ll love

Choosing the best hardwood flooring is easy when you have someone explaining all the minute details. For instance, it all starts with a wood species that meets your daily needs. If you have the busiest household in the neighborhood, you’ll need a species that is hard enough to take the daily wear it will experience. All wood flooring products are rated on a Janka scale that tells you the hardness of each material. Oak, for instance, is a very hard surface, while pine is much softer. Softwoods are better for areas that experience little to no traffic, such as closets and pantries.

Choosing a finish is one of the most exciting aspects, as this will be the first thing people see when they come into your home. Some homeowners choose the classic and ever-popular high-gloss finish, while others prefer the more rustic look of hand-scraped or wire-brushed wood. The best part about the alternate finishes is that they also help to resist wear and tear like scuffs, scratches, and other minor issues.

There are some important things to remember about hardwood flooring as well. First, you can never install this material in below-grade spaces such as basements. You must also allow time before the installation begins, for the materials to acclimate to your environment.


Hardwood floors can add lush appeal and value to your home. Becoming increasing more popular with continual improvements on the aluminum oxide-enhanced polyurethane finish helping to make real wood more durable than ever before.

Selecting the right hardwood floor to fit your budget can be difficult but remember all wood is NOT created equal, and as always we are here to help. Here are 3 of the most common categories in hardwoods.

Character Hardwood Floors

Each of our premium hardwood floors are reminiscent of another time and place. From the authenticity of a hardwood floor made beautiful by years of distress and wear, to the personal, crafted elegance of a hardwood floor painstakingly finished with sculpted details. It’s time to tell your story.

Domestic Exotic Hardwood Floors

Each of these domestic exotic hardwood floors offer a distinct, natural beauty unique to each particular wood species. From the straight to slightly wavy graining of maple to the wide color and grain variation of hickory, each domestic exotic hardwood floor helps you attain just the effect you want.

Traditional Oak Hardwood Floors

This classic oak wood species is available in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes. The fine, straight graining and interesting color variation bring style to any room. Find the traditional oak hardwood flooring look to complement your style.

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